New font- not very readable
  • Can we have the option of configuring back to the prior font?  Just had an overnight call.  Admittedly I have older eyes- but I can no longer read the dispatch address without reading glasses.  Also en route I could not read the list of responders as that font is not too small also.  
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem. I've brought up this point before and now it's back, worse than ever. I can't understand how they cannot realize that the address is the single most important item on the alert page. It's more important than the nature of the call and the agency name, but they put it in the smallest font. If I have to check the address at 03:00 while responding, I'm going to drive into a tree. It's totally illegible.

    I know that the people behind Active911 are supposed to be first responders, but I have to wonder if they still use their own product in the field. This font is fine for reading at a well lit desk, but their customers don't use it under ideal conditions.

  • I apologize for the issue with the font sizes. The font size is tied to the devices font size, so increasing the font size through the device settings will make it bigger. That being said, there is a bug with font sizes being different across the various themes, This should not be the case, and support has recorded the bug and sent it to the developers to be fixed. For the time being, using the Battalion Blue theme (it has a larger address and response font) and adjusting the phone's font size will help.

    While we use Active911 at our local fire house, most of us at the fire house run the production version, not the beta testing version for the next release. We have a beta program set up, and have quite a few beta testers using it, but this slipped through both our internal QA and no beta users reported this either. We are adjusting our internal QA process to check for this in future release cycles, and are always looking to add more beta users.
    Active911, Inc
  • I still need a fix for this problem. This is a major usability and safety issue and I don't get the feeling that anyone there cares about fixing it. My agency is coming up for renewal soon and I'm not sure that I want to continue a service that is so unresponsive to and uncaring about my needs and safety.
  • The Active 911 icon has disappeared on my Android phone. The app is on the phone and works when a test page is sent.
  • My eyes are getting older too ... and i'm up at 0200.  Any updates on increasing font size in the last two years??Versus just hoping i can hit the right button.