Mutual Aid Integration

  • There are 13 departments in our county. We have mutual aid agreements with each of them and 3 departments outside our county. We are encouraging other departments to adopt Active 911 and based on our success with the system, it's likely they will. We would like to be able to see the other departments apparatus' when we have mutual aid calls together. I think Chadwick mentioned in a post 9 months ago that his department has added the device codes for other departments apparatus in their system to provide fireground visibility. Is there a plan to provide this functionality without having to reprogram each departments account? Seems like a lot of extra work (both initially and on-going) for each of the departments. (Initially, something like 100 trucks would have to be entered in every departments system! Each time a device code was changed or added, it would have to be added 16 times!) This seems like something that could be executed far more effectively at the database level.
  • You're right.  I'll bring it to the development team.
  • Joseph,
    Any head way with this yet?  This is of interest to several departments in our area as well.
  • Joseph,
    The District in which I work has the same interest. Several surrounding departments are coming on board with Active 911 and we would like to be able to see each other.
  • We have several departments that we respond with and they have active911 as well. We would like to be able to see their hydrants, Knox box locations,etc. Is there any headway
  • Joseph,
    I received your PM request for further discussion on this matter. I replied and provided contact information. When you have time, please contact me.
  • Thanks Ryan.  Hopefully this week.
  • Second this request from our region as well (many departments with unique accounts all using Active911 under one CAD system).  We are interested in getting notifications of when our neighboring mutual aid units are out as it lets us know we likely will be pulled for a call next.

  • I think that it a testament to the value that active911 has to the fire service. It's great to see people trying to include surrounding departments in its success. Thanks active911. I'm also interested in mutual aid capabilities.
  • In my County, we have created a County Wide group for the Apparatus. One person on the Department can access the County Group for Edits. All Apparatus go into the County Group and the Department Group. This makes Apparatus discoverable County-wide.
  • We are just getting started with active911 but we would also like to be able to see the other districts map points, hydrants and such,  we have an automatic 3 company response to a structure fire and It would be awesome to be able to see hydrants in their area as we may be the ones setting up water supply.
    Lt. Rich Vanleer
    Boonsboro Volunteer Fire & Rescue
  • We plan on having map data sharing soon (watch for an announcement in the newsletter email).  In the meantime, we suggest creating a 3rd agency account just for map data, and using the free "multiple membership" system to make everyone a member of both their agency and the map data agency.  Support can help you get this set up.
  • it would be awesome to be able to see other departments trucks/user/personal on the map screen.
    we have each other map data already through the shared opt.
    when we get on big grass fires it would be great to see everyone apparatus and see where they are for better fire attack.
  • Derrick C.,

    I also think it would be beneficial to see other department trucks and personnel on the app. It is possible if a 3rd agency is created. This extra agency would contain all the vehicles and personnel that would respond to the big fires. Although, this does require requesting the other agencies' permission, it can be done.
  • Ray F. so we would need to create a "dispatch" department on active911 and then add everyones trucks, but would that send alerts to those devices for every calls?
  • Derrick - The "dispatch" account could be setup to not receive alerts. I highly recommend contacting our support team directly about this. You can call them at 541-223-7992, or send an email to

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