Map Scale Factor for Icons
  • There needs to be the ability to set different map scale factors for different icons in the map.  For example, my department has added most of our complex guides and prefire plans into the map and we are now looking into adding all of our hydrants.  The issue is that we have a hydrant on at least every other block.  My concern is that if we add an icon for every hydrant location on the map then all you will see is a sea of icons when looking at the map.  I am also concerned that because all of the icons are the same size then the prefire plans will be hard to distinguish among the hydrants.  It would be nice if you could set the hydrant icons smaller than the other icons or if they could be set to different map marker densities. 
  • Ben,

    It looks like this has been requested, but we didn't have a lot of people voting it up, so we haven't gotten around to addressing this request yet. If you would like to let us know exactly what you want this to look like, make a case for how important this is to you, vote it up, or ask questions/help shape how this feature is built, please comment and up-vote on our feature request site,
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  • We have done the Hydrant upload, its great for rural areas, however it is the "sea" of hydrants in the city.  It would be really convenient if they actually had a toggle switch just for the hydrants
  • Jason: That is a great suggestion! If you haven't voted for this feature yet, please visit our idea site here. You can leave a comment  on this particular idea.

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