Map data on past responses
  • Good morning.  Not sure if this belongs in this category, but is there any way to view historical GPS data about where people responded to a specific call from.  I know you can see it in real time, but is there any way to view it for past alarms? 
  • Gary, 

    Good question; at this time, no, there isn't a way to pull that data. Since Active911 is most commonly installed on personal devices, we only store a single data point in the system for their device. We do not store your GPS data, where you have been, etc. This has been a privacy concern for some users, so we may end up adding a feature to do this at some point, but it would require the end user (device holder/owner) to opt into it.
    Active911, Inc
  • This is actually a feature that could prove useful, but perhaps make it a system that ONLY logs the GPS when they press a response button? That would negate the "permission" aspect, and if it only logs it for the button press, that also limits the amount of data received from each phone.

    That way I can pull up a map of responders who have pushed a response button and see them on a map, whether on my phone when I select the address or on the web version in a map. Would definitely help.
  • James BHTFD,

    It looks like an idea like this has already been submitted on our ideas portal. Please feel free to vote, comment and track this idea here: