Weather Alerts to Active911
  • Hello! We are a small agency that does self dispatching. We would like to implement weather alerts for the areas we service into our Active911 system. Has anyone done or implemented this? Successful or not? Thanks!
  • Hey, if you are in Canada you can try this method. Or substitute your alerting provider of choice.

    1.  Create a group for Weather Alerts in active911.
    2.  Create an account with ECAlert me, choose your area and setup alerts to go to your custom address for your active911 group in the short format.
    3.  Contact Active911 support once you have got a couple alerts, they can cleanup the alert so you don't get the disclaimer on the bottom and it comes in as 'Weather Alert' instead of 'General Alert' etc.

    The only issue is getting a full page tone for a weather alert at 3am...  Would be great if we could set the Non-Emergency setting on a group.

  • Trevor, 

    This is exactly how you would want to set this up! We have many departments that forward weather alerts to us from a variety of sources. 

    I agree the non-emergency notification is needed. I will bring this to our company leadership and see what I can do to get this moving. In the mean time, some departments have the weather alerts sent to a different email account and forward them to Active911 at set time every day, like 0700 or something. That doesn't help those on nights, but it is start!
    Active911, Inc