Deleting alerts
  • How do I delete old alerts and keep the last 6 months ?
  • Old alerts are periodically archived, but you can always contact support to have a complete log for any time period pulled for you.

    At this time, there is no way to permanently bulk delete alerts, and the only way delete individual alerts is to have the devs manually go in and delete the entries from all the various tables in the database. This is something that is really only done when some agency accidentally forwards something really bad to their alert email address.
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  • I'd like to jump on this thread about deleting old alerts.  My app is getting sluggish. Nothing major but I suspect it might have to do with having several thousand alerts on my phone.  It is handy to be able to go back and look at alerts from the past few weeks, but I don't need stuff from 2016.  So I too would like to delete all but the last 6 months (or so).  Even better would be to have the option of automatically trimming old alerts to a pre-set quantity, either via date or outright number of old alerts.  It would seem like a good idea from several perspectives.  Maybe something the developers could consider? 
  • This is an idea that has been brought up before, but I have added it to our idea portal, which you can vote, comment and track here:
  • Our agency wants to be able to delete past alerts also.
  • Corinne,

    The alerts do get cleared out a couple times a year; but it seems that you may need an option to clear the alerts out sooner.  If you were to have this option, you would loose access to the alert unless support is contacted.   

    We would love to hear a little more background around the need for the delete all past alerts.  

    Thank you for being apart of Active911.