911 GIS Data for Mapping
  • I know its been brought up in the past, but was unable to find anything new on it with a search.  Has there been any progress on being able to add our local GIS data to Active911 and use that for mapping/gps.  Our crews currently use the apple or google maps on the iPad we use Active911 on, but there is a lot of our coverage area that does not bring back accurate results within those mapping programs.  The Local GIS data/map is available online but does not work great on a mobile device and does not include GPS.

  • We have our Wiz mapping system that ingests a shape file from your county GIS office and uses that to geocode the address instead of Google. The routing and base map images are still Google though. 

    If you would like to try Wiz, send us an email at support@active911.com, and a support tech can get you set up.
    Active911, Inc