Chat group
  • Can someone explain the Chat feature? Does anyone use it? what for and how does it work?
  • I have seen some people with our system use it. You can post a message and it comes up on everyone's active 911 for everyone to see. I have had people the past few days testing it out. It appears to be like a huge chat where anyone that has active 911 under our account can post something for all the other users to see.
  • I have people asking if there's a way to turn off the chat feature. Is there a way to do so (please provide instructions for both Android and iOS) Thanks!
  • has anyone figured out how to delete old messages that are sent within the chat feature
  • Doug W.,

    You can turn the chat feature off on the agency level. Not sure if you are the admin, but an admin or someone with the "edit agency" permission can login to our website and scroll down to the bottom of the agency tab, there is a question, "enable chat?" There they can select no and that will disable it for all devices.

    Wes A.,

    Right now there isn't a way to delete messages, but it is in the idea portal. You can vote for it here:
  • Can the chat feature be broken into groups versus sending a chat to the entire department.
    i.e. chat group for department, station, officers, engineers, etc....
  • mmeyer,

    That is a great idea. There is a similiar one in our idea portal. We would love it if you could add what specifically you are looking for in the comments. That way when the product manager gets our UX/UI designer working on it, it gets designed in a way that would work in your case. Also this will allow you to follow the idea as we work on it. Here's the link:
  • There is no notification when someone sends a chat. Is there a way to have a notification sound added? We tested the chat feature and some people did not see it until 2 weeks later.
  • Gary S., 

    There will be a notification when they have the app open in the next updates for I believe all the apps. The updates should be released in the next week or so.
  • Is there any integration between the Chat group and SMS so that those who are not using the app would also receive any chat messages via SMS?  We still have a handful of people who are not using smartphones.
  • Len W.,

    We do not have an integration option for those using SMS. Any feature we would offer would be the same as setting up a group text between members. If you need to still use this method, you can disable to chat function within the app and use standard texting to allow those members to participate. 

    If you have an idea of how to incorporate this for the SMS individuals without making it the same as a group text, please let us know by replying or posting it on our ideas page at
  • is there any way for the administrator to clear out the chat messages
  • Rgaylor, there isn't at this time, but you can contact our support team and they can have a developer clear out the chat messages. The ability to delete messages is coming in the next version. You can email our support team at
  • It would be extremely helpful to be able to choose what group within an agency you are wanting to chat with - rather than blasting noise to several hundred people.  I'll go vote for it in the idea lab, and hope others will too.  Otherwise, unless you have a very small agency, its just noise without purpose, IMO.
  • I have tried to use this feature no one is getting notified that a message has been sent untill they open the app. I have the notification box checked but still no ringtone goes off
  • Adam,
    Currently, the notification does only sound when the app is open. There is a request and plan to make this notification external, but has not been done yet. You can vote for this option here:
  • It would be great to be able to have several chat groups available so people can talk to a particular chat "channel" they are a part of.  Maybe these are the Active911 Groups, maybe the groups are formed independently.  Either way, it would be good to have more than one chat within your agency (Mission, Training, Social, Leadership, etc)
  • I agree with Page W. I would love to see individual chat groups similar to the Active 911 groups. This way we could message certain individuals with out chatting the whole department. IMO.
  • Great idea Page W and Russell D! There is an an idea in our portal about this and we suggest that you vote or comment on it. This will give you the opportunity to follow that feature as it gets updated by our product manager. Here is the link:
  • Is there a way for individual users to clear/delete chats?  It looks like this was a topic earlier but I can't find any current information.
  • Lance E., 

    Yes, you can currently delete any chat that you have sent by selecting it and selecting the trash can icon that appears when a chat is selected. If you want to delete all members chats, there is an option to do this on the Agency tab within the online account by an Admin. Admins can also grant devices the permission to delete other members chats one at a time. This permission is listed on the Device's capabilities within their profile on the Device tab. If you have any issues with finding or using these options, please let Support know.