Reports on who is using, and who is not?
  • I may be overlooking it somehow, but is there a way to pull reports to show an overview of who specifically uses this ap with my department and who does not? We're paying for 30 subscriptions, and typically at the most I only see 15 on avg using or responding to the ap. I guess what I'm looking for is a way to pull out that data to decide who I need to keep, and who I can remove. Other than going by each call individually. 
  • I did the same thing almost every year just befor our renewal. I list out each member on a graph, and mark each response or no response. It’s a lot of work going threw each call and running down the list. We average 50 called a year, and I think I have 47 subscriptions to keep track of.

    Then after we as a officer committee decide who to keep and who to release, I get a bunch of crap from the guys we removed, and a bunch of excuses why they didn’t respond.
  • Levi, I agree and thought about that. However our dept runs 1000 calls a year.
  • Active911 Support can provide information regarding the responses to calls, including the watch responses as long as you don't have those turned off on you agency settings. The watch response is sent by a device when someone views the call on their device, and is not collected from SMS devices or landlines.

    Support should be able to give you a report per year of your devices with the total number of calls sent, and the total number of responses recorded.

    Active911, Inc
  • A report listing who acknowledges, attends or is unavailable would make justification for renewals of each device useful.
    I have been manually reviewing replies & removing those who fail to ack calls.