Page going out to every page group
  • We have been having trouble with alerts going out to every page group when only one group is selected. Our dispatchers keep saying it is a computer glitch. We have 11 page groups and sometimes everyone gets the same page. I do not know if anyone else has had this problem or if it is just my dispatchers and it is human error.

  • Hi Colton, I created a ticket in our support system for your issue. This allows us to pull up specific information regarding your account and alerting that we don't have here in the forum. Your ticket number is 2017111724001031. 

    I am not seeing any computer glitch. Those sending out the alerts are not selecting a group to send it to, defaulting to everyone. On the web console we added an extra step when alerting everyone, asking if you really want to send the call to everyone. This feature will be included in the apps as well to prevent further cases where a user accidentally sends an alert to everyone, but I don't have a set timeline for it.
    Active911, Inc
  • We just switched dispatch centers on December 12th and had to create new page groups. After we made the change, Active911 started sending out the alerts to all the page groups even though the correct units are showing up in the units group.
  • Kevin, the name of the group is a series of search terms, so a group named 1 MTK ST3 will page out anytime the unit field contains a 1, a MTK, or ST3, not 1 MTK ST3 as one single term. 

    To get around this, I can substitute all the spaces with underscores. I will make that change at this time, but if you need it changed back for some reason, just let me know.

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  • If i drop the 1 off the unit, will it still recognize MTK ST3 for example?
  • Kevin F.,

    It looks like we addressed this issue in the support ticket that we have with you. I will email you to make sure it is working correctly now that the units and group names match.
  • We are still having trouble with every sub group getting the pages and the dispatchers swear they selected the correct group. active911#  12-7-17 #108658178, 12-14-17 #109369163, 12-14-17 #109379766, 12-16-17 #109557241, 12-17-17 #109659109 these are the pages that went to every subgroup.

  • Colton -

    I sent you an email with the same information that is listed below. In the future, for questions related to this problem, please contact support directly, and reference ticket #2017111724001031.

    Thanks for the specific examples. I checked our database for each of those examples. Our database allows me to see what pagegroups were selected to receive the call by the device that was creating the call. Your dispatch is using our Webview client to create alerts and send them through the account. Here is what I found for each of those examples:

    #108658178: Your dispatch didn't select a pagegroup when they sent that call, so it used the default option of "Everyone".

    #109369163: Your dispatch selected seven different groups to send that call. It was sent to all of the devices in those seven groups, but not all of the devices in the account.

    #109379766: Same situation as #109369163

    #109557241: Same situation as #108658178

    #109659109: Same situation as #108658178 and #109557241.

    This is human error, and there is nothing we can do on our end to completely prevent them from doing this in the future. Something that might help would be the addition of a feature, similar to how the "Send Alert" feature on our website ( works. Currently, on the web console, there is an extra step when alerting everyone, asking
    if you really want to send the call to everyone.

    Adding that option to Webview would be considered a new feature. I have submitted a feature request to our development team for that specific feature. Please follow the link below to view and vote for the feature. It would also be helpful if you leave a comment on the request that explains how the feature would impact your department's use of our service.