Handling Run Report Alerts
  • I would like to have the data coming through the run reports without having that information pushed out as an alert. I would like to entertain the option to allow the run report to appear in the web console alert tab, or something similar, for admin users but prevent it from going out to all my users as an alert. This would enable all the final information for the run to be accessible without my users being alerted over and over. We restrict our alerts to only the first incoming alert from dispatch to alleviate repeated alerts.
    If we gave individual users the option to restrict the alerts they receive, this would also cut down on over-alerting units but would give the individual user the flexibility to receive what they wanted.
  • Hi Tommy!

    There is an option for this now in the devices tab, but it has to be enabled for each device by the administrator. At the bottom of each device's edit box is a spot where it says 'Options' and has a check box for 'Do not re-page updates'. If this is enabled, the update will not go to their device.

    Also, there is an option that support techs can enable on the backend of your account which causes updates and run reports to come in and vibrate only instead of the full tone notification. Give support a call or email if you would like us to enable this option for your account!
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