• Is it possible to see Active911 alert responses and map on a Smart TV? We will nave a large Smart TV in the apparatus bays of our new station and would like drivers to be able to see response to calls and their location.

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  • Take a look a PSIN (public safety information network). They offer what you are asking plus much much more. We are currently working with PSIN to design our signboards for our stations. We plan to have then inside our stations for quick view. Once a call in received Active911 with take over the whole screen and map you to the location. Along with that PSIN can provide a google street view of the call location. Give them a call. It’s completly customizable.
  • PSIN is a good option if you want to include other information from outside Active911 like a Facebook or Twitter feed as well. For just Active911, you can create a Webview device on your account that will allow you see all the current calls in your area and the responders on each call.
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