• Hello, 
    I am trying to find a better way of getting info out to members i.e. reminders, meetings, etc  other than the standard text messages. I have 30 people in a text message trying to simplify. Is there a way to have this happen? Also I see the calendar feature, my question on that if I put events in the calendar will that get sent out to my members through the active 911?
  • Right now, you can send messages out as an alert to the account or to groups from the app, or to groups and individuals on the website. We are currently internally testing the first iteration of non-emergency messaging on iPads and iPhones, and the first basic version of the agency chat is being released to everyone on all platforms.

    We realize that these features are not fully built out yet, but we want to release what is available to allow people to play with them and provide feedback before they are finished up, so that we can shape them into the features that are most useful and important to Active911 users.

    The calendar affects assignments, not alerts or notifications. It automatically moves people to new assignments, like a rotating duty officer/chief position, ABC work shifts, etc.
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