Issues with multiple agencies
  • I have 6 agencies in my app, and I'm having issues with the app responding very slowly or locking up all together. I have another device with only one agency and it seems to be working fine. I was using the beta version, but deleted it and installed the current App Store version to see if this would resolve the issue. I'm still having issues. The only error message I received was it couldn't load more the 250 users on the map(I think it was 250).
    Any suggestions?
  • Clearing out the incidents fixed the issue. I had so many backed up I cleared them, but more continued to download. It took several times to clear out all the agencies, but it's working fine now.
  • Dave, I just wanted to follow up here on the forums regarding this issue. This issue was with the iOS version, not the PC, and now that you have some of the old alerts cleared out, you are no longer having issues with the phone locking up, correct?
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