No call detail information in alert list
  • This is related to another discussion, but after review, this appears to be new information.  My ipad intermittently fails to update the alert list.  So, if the pad is locked, the alert is received.  If I simply open the pad, then go to Active, the new alert is not there.  If, however, I wake up the pad by carefully selecting the alert on the lock screen as I swipe, I can go directly to the alert.  If I go to any other screen, the alert is gone and I'm unable to access it.  Any ideas?
  • What generation iPad / version of iOS are you using?
  • ipad air 2.  9.2.1 os
  • It's actually worse than I thought.  No new alarms are showing up in the alert list.  When i click on what appears to be an old alarm, it's actually a new alarm.  for instance. we just issued an alert for a medical at the fire station.  That doesn't show up on the alert list. The first on the alert list is a fire alarm on E. Central.  BUT, if i click on the fire alarm, the info for the medical shows up.
  • You are experiencing some very weird behavior. Please contact our support team and they will help you through the troubleshooting process.