iOS 8 alert
  • Anyone else having issues with alerts on the new iOS 8? Two of our members are not getting alerts after updating to apples latest iOS.
  • I am also having the same issue. Half of my department upgraded and now they don't get any more alerts.
  • We are also having the same issue, no alert unless you open the app.
  • Anyone figure this problem out?  I just updated, we had a call, and it did not alert.  Even sent test message and did not receive that.
  • Try going in to the Notifications inside the phone's Settings:
    Settings > Notifications, then scroll down to Active911. Make sure that Allow Notifications is set to "on," and that you have sounds on as well.

    If memory serves correctly, I had to do this when setting up an iPhone for a new member. It wasn't getting the test pages, so we tried this, and it worked.
  • I am getting the alert but I am not receiving the map routing from my location to the call. My pinpoint comes up where I am but no routing.
  • Russ, the routing only works if you switch to Google Maps in the Active911 app's Settings page.
  • The alert comes through, but silently. I just tried reentering my access code to see if that fixes it. Started happening after ios8 update. And, yes, notification settings haven't changed.
  • I also had a couple of guys that upgraded to the new iOS 8. I had logged onto our account and found that there devices were RED as if they were not registered. After talking with them they had not been receiving alerts either so I had them open the app on there devices. After they did I checked the account again and they went back to black and began receiving alerts with no other issues.

    So I guess the moral of the story is you have to open the app on your device after you update to the new iOS to re-register with Active 911.