Adding Pre-Plan information into appropriate Map Marker Icons within the app
  • I have sent a request to asking to have tabs entered into the map markers to eliminate the need to upload external forms/PDFs.

    If you dropped a "PP" (Pre-Plan) Map Marker, under the "Name" tab, you cannot press enter to move down for data input.  It is congested and not functional.  We would like the ability to add the basic information into the map marker:

    Business/Residential Address
    Primary Phone Number
    Emergency Phone Number
    Emergency Contact Name
    FACP Information
    Sprinkler Type/Info

    This would eliminate the need to leave the app, go to the Adobe app (to complete the required pre-plan form for the department), flatten the file, and then upload the file to the appropriate map marker within Active 911.  

    Active 911 Picture 2.jpg
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    Active 911 Picture 1.24.2020.jpg
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