I Phone 8 Alerts Not showing showing updates
  • When receiving alerts it doesn't show automatically
     I have to refresh screen  pull down from top to show recent alerts
  • Darryl - The best thing you can do is contact our support team directly to complete some troubleshooting. You can call them at 541-223-7992, extension 212, or send an email to support@active911.com.

    The only time I've seen this happen is for iPhone that have hundreds of old alerts still stored in the app. I recommend using the "Clear all alerts" option within the settings menu of the app, and changing the "Show Alerts For" setting to the "1 Week" option.
  • I already have configured for 1 week for showing alerts 
  • Darryl - OK. How many old alerts do you have stored in the app on your phone? Depending on how many agencies you're a part of, and their call volume, a weeks worth of alerts could be thousands of alerts.

    Did you use the "Clear all alerts" option like I suggested?
  • 13 alerts are what is open  I have cleared them now as I speak /type