Apartment numbers not showing up.
  • We have encountered an issue with dispatching calls to apartment complexes. We are not getting the apartment number coming across Active911. Is this something we need to address with dispatch or?
  • Lisa - The first thing you should do is contact our support team directly with a recent example of an alert that should have contained an apartment number, but didn't. They can then look at the data we received from your dispatch for that call, and confirm whether or not the apartment information was actually sent to us.

    If the apartment information was a part of what was sent to us, they will make adjustments on our side to make sure we properly identify the information and display it in your alerts in the future.

    If the apartment information isn't a part of what was sent to us, they will work with you and your dispatch to see if its possible for your dispatch to start sending us that information.

    You can call our support team at 541-223-7992, or send an email to support@active911.com.