Pull up alerts automatically?
  • So I am looking at displaying Active911 in our apparatus bay or radio room, but I want the information to be quickly useful without interaction. Is anyone running or know how to setup either their desktop app or mobile app on a tablet to basically just always pull up the most recent alert in the active911 map view? Anytime an alert comes in, it just goes to the map view of that most recent alert?
  • Jason - Our Webview device would be the best fit for what you're trying to accomplish. It can be set to automatically pan to the location of an alert as the alert is received by the device. For more information about Webview, follow the link below:

  • Well that’s awesome! Perfect for what we are looking for! Thanks!
  • Grant W. 

    See the attachment, What is that bolder letter E an indicator off? I've noticed it's different sometimes and can't figure out what it's for?
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  • Jason - It is suppose to reflect the number of alerts you've received ("A" is the first alert, "B" is the second, etc.) in a given day.
  • Thanks again. That's what we were leaning too, but not positive. 

    Next Question. Is there anyway to have the webview show the route from station to the call? Like it does when we click "Active911" map button?
  • Jason - Webview will only show the location of the call. It doesn't provide routing. It was designed to be a stationary device, and the developer who originally created it thought that routing wouldn't be necessary. If that is a change you'd like to see, it would be considered a feature request, and you can submit it at ideas.active911.com.