Map Marker Issue
  • Not sure if this is happening to everyone or not, however ever since the app update of Sept 20 for Apple devices where you now can long press on the map and it will show distance to closet map pins, it also blanks out the most immediate map pins from the location where you set the long press marker.  I am no longer able to use the distance measure tool for the closest pins to a building or other area because i can no longer see the pins in the immediate area.  if you scroll out farther, the remaining marker pins are visible and do show a distance indicator.
  • Jeff - To my knowledge, you are the first user to mention this issue. I tried to replicate it on my iPhone X, but was unable to see the results you described. It sounds like a problem we need to fix, but we will need more information from you to do so. I created a ticket with our support team for you, and they should be giving you a call within the next couple of days to complete some troubleshooting. The ticket number for your reference is #2019093024002837.
  • I input landing zone map data points, but only one site is being displayed.  How long does it take this data to be updated?  TIA
  • Are you still having troubles being able to view map data points which have been entered?  Map data points should be available on the map after being entered.

    If you are having troubles viewing map data points which you know have been entered, please get in touch with our support team at 541-223-7992.