Location Services Design Bug
  • A911 iOS v1.6.5
    This app does not respect the user's preferences for location services privacy.  Every time the app reenters the foreground, it displays a modal view titled ERROR giving directions to enable location services.  Sometimes an event (touch inside a view) is required to trigger the ERROR dialog, and sometimes it isn't.  This happens so often that it's annoying, even badgering.  Most importantly, it gets in the way of using the app.

    Users have their reasons for the way they set their privacy permissions and iOS apps are supposed to respect them.  See the Requesting Permission section of the iOS Human Interface Guidelines on Apple's developer web site for more details.  At a minimum, the app should only ask ONCE at the time of launch, not every time it goes in and out of foreground.  Even better, like most apps, A911 should ask once on the very first launch ONLY.

    Most features on this app should work just fine without location services.  Not everyone needs or is using the directions feature or the location sharing feature.

    Please address this.
  • Darin - Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I agree that it is annoying, and that there is probably a better way to handle this situation. I've communicated your thoughts to our operations manager, and I'm working on writing the ticket for our development team to change how we handle the situation. Do you have time to talk on the phone so I can confirm what I'm thinking will meet your needs? You can call me at 541-257-8683.
  • Darin - We've submitted a new beta release to Apple that is waiting their approval before deployment. It will contain a change to how we notify people that they have location services disabled. It will be similar to what we discussed on the phone (a banner at the top of the settings menu, rather than modal/pop-up notifications in the app). Let me know if you want to become a beta tester to test it out before it goes to production. It should be released to production within the next couple of weeks.
  • Darin - The change is now in production. Make sure you have version 1.6.8 installed, and let me know if it works better for you.