SUGGESTION: Address Alerts (Safety, Door Codes, Bed Bugs, etc.)

  • I would like to submit a few related suggestions...

    It would be ideal to be able to create custom address alerts in Active911 so when there is a match to a call received additional alerts and notifications can be issued.  If there is an issue with a hostile patient at 500 Main Street, I would like to be able to have additional (and obvious) notification to the users to contact LE.  We all have lists of combination to enter doors, gates, buildings, etc.  It would be great to see when there is an address match to an alert rule that the combination be provided as supplemental info to what CAD sent.  I am sure other agencies deal with addresses that are infested with bed bugs, if there is an address match for that we know to wear the proper PPE and limit what we bring into the call.

    Some of this information can come from CAD, IF you can get your dispatch center to enter it.  Our dispatch center will have safety info, but will not maintain bed bug info.  Having something we can control in Active911 would solve that.  As an enhancement, if a SAFETY or other alert is found in the CAD data that could integrate with additional alerting so instead of just being a line in the narrative it would be a popup or full screen alert.

    Even as simple as alerting a supervisor by email if there was a call at a specific address would be beneficial.  

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and consideration.
  • Mike - What you're describing is something that is on our radar. Our plan is to start the ground work for a similar feature within the next month. In the future, if you have ideas/recommendations, the best place to submit them is at