Integrating ER
  • Ok.  I must be doing something wrong.  I've added ER integration to our system and the code number but no call info is loading.  I was hoping the dispatch information on calls would be automaticaly sent to the active911 system but from what i'm reading, it's the other way around.  Can someone explain how this works to me?
  • Edit: Sorry I misunderstood your question
    Scot A Fields
    Network Administrator
    Overton/Pickett Co. E911
    Livingston, TN
  • The Active911 integration with Emergency Reporting takes the alert data you receive through Active911 and delivers it to your Emergency Reporting account to create a new report/incident in their system. It is one way communication. Information from Emergency Reporting is not sent to Active911.
  • Any update on getting Active911 filtering into ER? so that we can filter out EMS calls and only populate into ER for Fire calls?  
  • Tom,

    We are looking into way to create filters for ER so that you have more control.  Right now it is just in the early stages but it is something that is being looked into. 
  • Hate to tag inhere but We get the incidents created and have to a long time, BUT NO apparatus times transfer? Need to look into this further. But seems I cant get any further?