Map data updates via phone/tablet
  • PLEASE allow us to do map updates via mobile devices.  

    I.e.  When fire prevention goes out and photos knox box locations and enters them in the map data, here's the process that has to happen.

    1) Photo is taken of the location.
    2) Inspector has to go to a computer.
    3) Download from mobile device to computer
    4) Find the coordinates of the location they were just at (sometimes this is a dozen in a day)
    5) Enter the info and upload via a desktop.

    Ideally, this should all be done while on site from their mobile device.  So much is lost throughout the day due to the process that things are often missed.
  • I am able to create Markers with my iPhone and iPads?
    Not sure if I'm doing what you are asking but I hink so.
    If you are on an ios device go to the map and tap the location, hold your finger there and then tap markers, and you will get a menu pop up that says Nearest Markers, and create Marker.

    the only thing I can think of is the Admin has to give the device "permission" to edit markers...

  • Mike is correct about the ability to add map data points from a mobile device. I believe Jason's request is specifically being able to add map data points with attached documents/resources, which currently isn't an in-app option. As it is right now, all documents/resources have to be attached to the map data point via the web console.

    There is an existing feature request for this in our ideas portal. I recommend following the link below to view, vote for, and comment on the request: