How to add HTML link to open outside of Active911?
  • We are looking to add links that redirect to our preplan software. We have tried adding them to the description and also adding them as a saved PDF file with a link attached. The first method didn't work. The second method would not allow Safari to open the link because it could not confirm the certificate that was installed on the iPad. 
    Has anyone had success with adding links in one way or another to Active911?

  • dshaw,

    Thank you for your feedback. The only way that I have seen it work is in the second method you mentioned. If you would like to troubleshoot this with us, please send us an email with a brief summary of the issue and the answers to the following questions:

    Are you able to install another internet browser on the device to see if it will allow the link to open through that? 
    What type of device are you using (iPhone, iPad)?
    Have you tried adding it to a word document or something other than PDF?