RSS Feeds- any way to keep "Non Emergency" alerts from being sent?
  • Hi guys, we set up the RSS-->>IFTT thng that Piney Point FD set up to take the Active911 RSS feed and post to our company Facebook page.  Works great!  However, an unintended consequence is that when we send manual  "non emergency" alerts, these also get sent via RSS and propagated to Facebook, which is not optimal (and could've proven downright embarrassing had we not caught it in time!).

    So, is there a way to restrict RSS output to 'emergency" alerts only, ignoring the "non emergency" alerts? 

    Since the IFTTT applets seems to just joint two existing services, I don't think there's much of an opportunity in that applet to to add logic to query and emergency/non-emergency flag, so the best/only way to tackle this is via customizing the RSS feed from the Active911 end.

  • Bucky S.,

    This issue was addressed and determined to be a feature request. It has been submitted on our idea portal. You can vote, comment and track it here: