• Hi,

    I've tried a few times to get the integration working but I can't seem to trigger the Webhooks service. Has anyone had success with this? Is there something I'm missing from the wiki instructions? 
  • ahh started working a few calls later, so feel free to delete this thread.
  • Hi! Out of curiosity,how were you planning to use IFTTT?
  • I'm not the original poster.  We use IFTTT however to blast select Active911 notifications out on our department Facebook page for public awareness.
  • Ya we use Webhooks in IFTTT for Social Media posts as well as in house station alerting. 
  • There has been some additional information posted in our Wikipedia article to help with this topic since it can be a little tricky to get Webhooks set up: http://wiki.active911.com/wiki/index.php/Adding_a_third-party_integration.  

    There are a lot of options with how you can set it up depending on what you are wanting to accomplish. If you have questions, you are welcome to contact Support as well. 
  • Can someone provide a link to a post created by Active911 on their Twitter or Facebook platform? I'd like to see how the message is formatted.