• Hi!
    Saw that Active911 was starting to support IFTTT which sounds great. I´m just starting with Google home (and IFTTT) so it might be a stupid question, but would it be possible to setup my Philips Hue lamps to turn on when I get an alert (if I am home, during dark hours). Has anybody tried that? Would be great for volunteer firefighters that are at home when getting an alert. 
    Roger in Sweden
  • Roger,

    When you get to https://ifttt.com and you select to set up a new applet, there is an option for connecting with Amazon Alexa, if that is how you have your lamp connected. If not, is there another program or app that you have your lamp normally set up under? There are a lot of options within the applet section, so if you are currently using a smart program to activate the lamp, the chances are good that you can get it set up to do as you described. I know that we did play with set up lights to come on when building the IFTTT connection, but it was using a different type of lamp, but through the same connection I described with Alexa.