Did routing break on mobiles?
  • I didn't even know it worked this way, but apparently if you press the address on the mobile screen mapping/routing opens (I always scrolled to the bottom and used 'Open Navigation'.)  But one of our users pointed this out today- he said it always worked for him before, but now it comes up with 'Unable to retrieve directions from Google'.  

    It may be related, but yesterday my automated reporting program failed in its call to the googlemaps API- and the cause was "over_query_limit".  The fix was to link my API key to a billing account.  Once I did that everything worked again.

    Again I'm not sure if there's any correlation here but I figured I'd advise anyway.  
  • Hi Bucky,

    What type of smartphone are you using? We can definitely look into it. If we can replicate it, then we can provide a fix. 


  • Both the phone who reported it an mine are Android.  Don't know the other model, but mine's an S9+ on AT&T.  But I just checked mine again and it looks like it's working just fine now.  I'll ask the other guy to check.  Maybe something with the update that apparently just happened?  HOLY BOLD FONTS BATMAN!  (Don't get me wrong- I like it, but it's just shockingly different!)
  • OK, it was the latest update (v1.6.5.14).  Was still broken for the other guy, but he hadn't received the update- he went to the play store, updated, and everything works again.  And there's even a couple fixes listed in the release notes for routing....
  • I had an IOS device last night tell me his routing is hit and miss. Mainly google so I checked his settings  and he has it set to Google but it will tell him when he hits the google button that it can't find it. A really basic address that you can find in google maps if you open the app.
  • Matt,

    That is not a known issue that I am aware of. What type of iOS device was it? Has it been updated to the latest iOS and Active911 versions? If this is still an issue, can you sent support an Active911 # for an alert where that happened? We would like to make sure the app works. The email for support is: support@active911.com