Truck Ipad MAP Location
  • Is there a way for the location to be shared all the time on an ipad for a unit? When station dispatching or closest unit response comes into play i would like to be able to see where all my units are at all times.
  • Hi Russell, 

    In the Active911 app for your iPad, in the settings, you will want to make sure Foreground GPS is switched on and you will want to set Background GPS to Precise Accuracy. This will drain the battery, also make sure that Background App Refresh is turned on for Active911 in your iPad settings.

    Please let know if you need any more assistance!
  • Hi Russell,

    Do you have problems with the truck iPads dropping off the map when they are stationary?

    In our department, then seem to be off the map more than they are on the map.

    Have opened a ticket with Active911 last month, but they don’t seem to have a solution.

    Anyone else have this problem?


  • Have been using this in the same manner for several years now and just don't have any problems. I have an occasional issue with older ipads that tend to punch out of the program but the ipad Air 2's literally work flawlessly. Using them as a basic MDT for some time..

  • Hi Mike,

    Do you keep the screens on all the time?
    We find that as soon as the screens are off (even though the app is still running) the trucks drop off the map.


  • Also have this issue, Background GPS on, Screen time out off, trucks still seem to disappear. 
  • This issue has recently fully resolved for us. iPads and iPhones now show vehicle locations at all times. For the PC version we have switched to beta 1.91 or later and vehicles now show at all times on that platform as well. Thanks to those at A911 who fixed this.