API acting weird- possibly since recent maintenance?
  • Hi guys, I have some python code that I've been running successfully for about 18 months.  (I did have to refresh my access token at 12 months).  Now over the last few weeks it's acting really flaky- I get either json decode errors or access token errors.  Then I'll retry it and it will work just fine.  I'm not certain, but it seems to have just started happening after the last maintenance window.  And it appears to be getting more severe- I may have to retry 5 or 6 times to get a successful completion now.  Was there something changed (maybe inadvertently) during the recent changes?

  • We haven't changed any code, but we have made some adjustments to increase our database server capacity.

    The changes we make should be complete as of this Monday, have you still experienced issues since then?

    If so, do they seem to happen in batches, like it will work for a few hours and then all requests will fail for 5 minutes, or is it more like all the time, with every other request failing?
  • I took another look and reviewed our Open API servers, and it looks like one of our servers had an unexpected error.

    I have fixed the issue and the requests should now be returning successfully 100% of the time.

  • Great thanks Jonathan!  Sorry I didn't reply earlier- I guess I don't have notifications turned on?

    And thanks for the fix- Between our run Friday (the 24th) morning and our next run Saturday evening, everything started working fine again. Another guy in the company has coded to the API and he, too, was reporting errors that now are fixed.

    In the 'silver lining' department, this prompted me to update all my python libraries, and updating the googlemaps  library seems to have fixed a problem with that API that has been driving me crazy.  

    Thanks again!