Alert tones on phone and watch?
  • Is it possible to get the Active911 alert tones to sound on both my iPhone and Apple Watch? If I have my Apple Watch on, I only get the tone on the watch. The alert shows up on my phone, but not tone sounds.
  • Hello Tami,

    It looks like our development team made some enhancements to the Apple Watch version of the app. Please let us know if you are still having any problems with this, email or call 541.223.7992.

    Thanks for choosing Active911!
  • Apple Watch can only do static alerts. If Apple Watch notification settings are turned off for active 911, then the phone app will sound. Or if the apple watch is turned off. 

    If the Apple Watch notification settings are turned on for Active911, then you will get notification on the watch but no sound from the phone, BUT the call will be on the home screen. 

    You can't have both sound at the same time. This is a Apple Code limitation. I use a Apple Watch but I keep notifications for active 911 on phone only, More accessible features on the phone, vs only response buttons on the watch app. 
  • Notification appears inconsistent with my apple watch.  Some times the watch alerts, and other times the phone will alert.  Proximity of my watch to the iPhone doesn't seem to make a difference.  Is there a watch, phone, or app setting that might affect this? I'm on the iPhone 6, ios v12.1.2,  Active 911 v1.5.26[7332].
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