Is there a limit on Map data
  • I was just wondering if there is a limit on the amount of data you can have in the map data. Reason I am asking is I work for a municipality and someone has already added just about all of the hydrants and some key locations for our commercial properties and between those we already have about 1,000 items marked on the map. I am starting to go in and update those to correct any issues and update any information. As I am doing so I would like to go ahead and review all of our preplans for the commercial properties and make sure all of the key locations are marked. If there is not a limit may go ahead and mark all of the yard hydrants as well as the PIVs to better help us if we needed them. By doing that it would be adding an estimated 300-400 more items, but of course if it will not cause any problems then I will add as much information as possible to help us out. Every little bit helps for first arriving units when all you have to do is look at the map.
  • Chief74 - You can add as many map data points to your account as you would like. There isn't a limit at this time.