Alerts through vehicle with bluetooth
  • A couple of the guys on our dept have asked why they dont get the alerts through their vehicle when bluetooth is enabled? Does anyone know if that has anything to do with the app or is it something with their vehicles?? Thanks.
  • I would think it has to do mostly with their vehicles.  In my car (2010 Mercury w/Sync audio) the soft input selector has to be set to "bluetooth" for any data-based notifications to come through the speaker (email, A911, etc.).  So if I'm listening to the radio, only telephone calls or text message alerts will end up on my car speakers, while the other alerts just play through the phone.

    if, however, the input is set to Bluetooth, for instance listening to an audiobook via the phone to the car speakers, the Active 911 alerts definitely play through the speakers.  I've been scared ####less more than once because I've had an audiobook cranked up loud enough so I could hear over the road noise and we got a fire call- and the "Station Buzz" played through my car speakers at about 10x the volume of the audiobook!!! :)  
  • Thanks for your question Tommy and thanks for your response Bucky. Sounds playing through bluetooth are dependent on vehicle and phone. If your problem is persisting, please email us at or call us at 5412237992.

    Thank you for choosing Active911!