Blackberry Issues
  • Anybody having difficulty with their users who use SMS with Blackberry devices? All of our issues that use them are not getting their calls.
  • Can you elaborate on this a little more? How are they set up as device type and page type?

    If you want to give more detailed account information and have support look at it, use out support page to create a tech support ticket.
    Active911, Inc
  • Our members that have blackberries or dumb phones that have been set to SMS alert receiving are not getting the messages when sent to everyone. When I send a test message it does not go through as well. I have set these members to voice alerts and they all seem to be getting this type of alerting.

    I have already filled out a ticket but this will be beneficial for discussion as well
  • I had this happen for a couple specific users.  Ended up having to delete them and recreate them and it worked again.
  • Thanks, I'll try that!
  • Nope, deleted the users that were having the SMS issues and re-added them and still no luck. Voice works for alarms.
  • Ah, key piece of information missing. You are not in US, right? We might need to look to see if there is an issue with our SMS connection to Canada. Occasionally we have issues sending SMS to other countries. I will have our lead dev look into it.
    Active911, Inc
  • Just had a call at 0900 this morning and three of the people received the call via SMS finally. So cross our fingers, but it looks like it works now.

    Thank You

  • How do you get sms set up on your phone.
  • I have a blackberry z10 the app doesn't work that I added from snap
  • You have to select SMS from the admin interface (website) on Active911.

    If you have problems with this, you should contact for more specific help... :)
  • I just side loaded the App From Google Play onto my Blackberry Passport, the app opens and runs fine but when key in my device code it is accepted but I still have 'no connection' under the connections setting? I have internet access, does by device code have to change? (I used the same device code for the SMS alerts)
  • It is likely that one of the code libraries we use, the Apache HttpClient library, is not one that is included in whatever code you are using to load Android Apps into the Blackberry.  Without this library, the Active911 App has no way to reach the servers.