Importing Map Data
  • In bulk data upload, we need to be able to assign icons to the pins in the csv before upload. It takes forever to individually change the icons after the data has been uploaded. The csv needs to have a column for pin ID.  It would also be nice to be able to group pins in layers, i.e. Hydrants, Stations, Shelters, 
    The csv would need to be be  NAME: LAYER: DESCRIPTION: ICON: LAT: LON:
  • tillmanclt, for each icon that you want to bulk upload, save it as it's own file and then bulk upload it. So hydrants, houses, keys, etc, can each have it's own file and then you can bulk upload each file with it's own color and icon. I know it's not exactly how you would like it to work, but it would save you some time. 

    Please go to to add these as feature requests. Our product manager reads them over and updates them as we start to work on them. Thanks!