PC App for Chrome???????
  • We just recently installed Active911 in our station on a TV using a Chromebit device on a 40" Television.  Is a Chrome PC App in the works? that looks like it has more functions than Webview does such as better colors and usability.  I dont like how difficult it is to see things on the webview mounted up on a wall at a distance
  • We don't have an app built specifically for the Chrome OS. Your only option for that device is Webview. As it is right now, we don't have plans to build an app for that operating system. We do have a Windows PC app, which requires that your device is using Windows XP or newer. A lot of "stick PCs", similar to your Chromebit, can be purchased that use a Windows OS.

    If you'd like to see us develop an app specifically for Chrome OS, I recommend submitting your request at our ideas portal: