See other departments responders locations
  • Is there any way to share the gps locations of neighboring department members? We had an incident where we needed to see the locations of responders and it would have been helpful to have seen everyone on the same screen.  This would have been a very helpful feature on a recent large woods fire where we were attempting to locate the fire and be able to send resources. 
  • A device can only see the locations of other devices that it is in the same agency account with. If you want to be able to see the positions of a neighboring department's devices there are three options:

    1) Have their devices added to your account.
    2) Have your devices added to their account.
    3) Have a third account created solely for sharing device positions and map data, and have the devices from both accounts merged into the new account. In this situation the two original accounts remain intact, and function as they did before.

    If you have further questions about this, please contact our support. We are open 7am to 4pm PST Monday-Friday with an hour lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. At your convenience you can give us a call at (541) 223-7992, or send us an email at
  • As the administrator of our 911 how can I set it up so i can see where my ff are on the web map.

    Thank You
  • Jim - I believe what you're asking about is our Webview client, which is unrelated to Shane's original question. For more information about Webview, follow the link below: