Hydrants and other pin drops
  • Can you please as a matter of urgency, enable a way to turn off all the hydrants and other pin drops in the mapping feature. We uploaded 11000 hydrants and the app S*&Ts it self now when we open it. It runs really slow, jams and automatically closes. Urgent.
  • I agree, today it was at 25% CPU and over 1GB of memory being consumed. Had to kill IE and wait five minutes for it to go away. Was not seeing alarms and was just froze up.

    I added a task to restart the PC every night at 3am but that isn't a good fix..
  • Same result.

    I have two screens mounted. 1 for radar and the other for Active 911 Map. I would setup a auto restart, but I need both windows to open on separate screen everyday automatically. 
  • Found this PowerShell Script online, added fullscreen true.... Set one URL for A911 and another for radar.. I have no clue if it works, I only have one monitor but I was able to create a scheduled task and it ran just fine...

    Just need to hide your task bar and edit your resolution..

    If it doesn't work on both monitors, try taking the fullscreen false line out..

    function Run_IE ([int]$resX, [int]$resY, [int]$shiftX, [string]$site_addr) {
    $ie = New-Object -ComObject InternetExplorer.Application
    $ie.Width = $resX
    $ie.Height = $resY
    $ie.Left = $shiftX
    $ie.ToolBar = $FALSE
    $ie.StatusBar = $FALSE
    $ie.Resizable = $FALSE
    $ie.FullScreen = $TRUE
    $ie.visible = $TRUE

    $ie1 = Run_IE 1920 1080 0 "http://???"
    $ie2 = Run_IE 1920 1080 1920 "http://???"
  • Thanks for the replies. to CLarify Im not talking about Webviewer, im talking about the map on the phone. Ive given up on webviewer for the moment, as they have promised an update to fix all the bugs in that. Its the phone app that is most concerning.
  • Due to the issues with layering in anything, I had to have support remove everything that I bulk uploaded until that's resolved.
  • @John Y, why do you need to open on the screen everyday?  Webview is designed to be left up and connected all the time and not to be put on a computer that's turned off or rebooted everyday.  Active911 pays for each time webview is refreshed.
  • Nathan, we are adjusting the app again to add more scaling options to the hydrants.

    How much other stuff is running on your phone? We have a 3rd gen iPad that is running on multiple departments, one with over 45,000 hydrants. It acts a little slow if you try to scroll fast, but other wise it is pretty good.

    The points are downloading from our servers very quickly. It is the hardware that is unable to keep up normally. It is trying to render hundred of icons at the same time. It sounds like the phone is not capable of handling this, so creating an option is probably necessary, although a little down the road. Yours is the first we have heard about it slowing down phones.

    What version of the app are you running? Our previous release did not support large numbers of hydrants. It showed them all, all the time. Have you updated the app since July?
    Active911, Inc
  • Michael and John, I would suggest using Chrome or Firefox. IE has memory leak issues. You could also try Memory Cleaner. It helps quite a bit.

    Ryan, we are going to look at layering more closely in the coming year, but if you have a hydrant layer with 11,000 hydrants, it would just make it an unload-able layer. 

    I haven't seen any issues with iPhone 4S or 5 have any issues rendering large numbers of hydrants. Older iPhones may have issues but it might be just something that happens as technology increases. As we continue to add functionality, your hardware has to be able to keep up. We added the bulk upload feature that people requested and it looks like 90% of the devices on the network seem to have no issues with it for the most part. Webview is the big problem right now and is getting an partial overhaul as I write this.
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