PC Map
  • Good Morning, At our fire house we have active 911 on a tv when we first walk in i need the map to automatically zoom into the location and show the hydrants near by any way to do this ?  
  • Christian - Are you using a Webview device, or are you using the Windows PC app? If you're using Webview, in the settings menu there is an "Auto Scroll Triggers" option. If you have it set to "New Alert", anytime Webview receives an alert, the map screen will automatically pan to that alert's location. I also recommend changing the "Map Marker Density" setting to the "Rural" option, which will allow the map data points to appear at a higher altitude.
  • Is there a way to make the map that shows directions zoom in farther. It seems like on calls that the route shown only takes up about a fourth of the map screen.  Anyone to make it take up like three fourths of the screen so that get more resolution on the route ? 
  • Further info, I have  2 computers using the PC App. In both of them , I have put the gps coordinates of the firehall in the settings (since one of the PCs is in my home some distance from the firehall). The home computer is a laptop and the directions take up a little over half of the screen. The other computer has a larger screen, 21 or 24 , can't remember exact size, and this is the one where the directions only take up a fourth of the map area.
  • Rog N.,

    There is not a setting to change the zoom level yet. There is a feature that looks like it is what you are requesting. You can comment, track and vote on this feature here: https://ideas.active911.com/ideas/A911FEAT-I-202

    I do not see am idea for the directions section to be reduced or minimized as described. I suggest you create one for it here: https://ideas.active911.com/ideas.  This way you can include exactly what functionality would be best for you and even include screen shots if you can. 
  • Hello, we just switched from webview to the PC app and we can get the map to show up. We have tried to switch it from all 3 options and just get a white screen.