RSS Feed intigration...
  • Hi All, my fire company is trying to get RSS feed integration to our Facebook page and Twitter. First off I know Facebook does not allow direct RSS Feed integration anymore. I am using IFTTT, created an applet that will send our pages to Facebook. The biggest problem here is Active 911 publishes every page to the RSS. Does anybody know of a way that I can set Active 911 to only send the initial call pages? I do not want or need a status on facebook for redispatch, every time a unit goes responding or goes available. Once I get this figured out I'll tackle twitter.

  • Zack,

    Yes. Since you are ALREADY using IFTTT you should be good.  There is a setting that will avoid duplicates posting from the RSS feed.  Further, you can customize the input fields that you want.  For example, we don't publish address or locations... just that we had the call.