Apple Watch with Cellular Connection
  • I was wondering if its possible to connect to Active911 directly with the an Apple Watch enabled with cellular, without being connected to the iPhone?  

  • Jde,

    If it is an Apple Watch 3rd generation and allows you to connect to the internet, it should be available. You will want to make sure you have downloaded the app on the watch and not just set it to mirror the phone settings since these are two separate settings. 
  • Thanks for getting back to me Active 9,
    I did make sure that the I downloaded the app directly to the watch, and I do have a 3rd Generation Apple Watch.  Whenever the phone is turned off and I click on the app on the watch, there is a red icon of a phone with a line through it.  I'm fairly sure its  to just mirroring the phone settings, however, I wasn't sure how to confirm that.  
    Thanks for your help.
  • The current Active911 app will only work if the iPhone is actively on and connected to the watch. It only allows phone mirroring in the settings. I would assume in order for it to work independently it would require coding updates as well as an independent device code for the watch itself. Personally I would rather have it come to my watch than my phone if it were ever possible IMHO.
  • Robert and jde,

    Yes, the apple watch 3 appears to not function separate from the phone. I have the developers looking into it now and will update you when I know what the plan is. I am currently treating it as a new feature and have created an idea for it so members can vote and comment on it:
  • Robert and jde,

    The developers have confirmed that our app has not been updated with the standalone operation needed to be able to have it run away from the phone. It is being looked into, but please feel free to have members continue to vote and comment on the link above to express the desire for this to be implemented. When it gets scheduled and released, it will be updated on the idea portal link above. Thank you!