Android Faq updates & questions
  • 1. Can someone update the Android FAQ page to reflect current setttings as I know all of this probably would be on there, if it were current

    a: Whats the difference in GPS settings?
    b: Whats the difference in duty status'?
  • Kyle,

    Thank you for the suggestion. We do plan to update this page shortly.

    The Foreground GPS is to enable other members on the account to see where your device is on their map while you are in the app. The Background GPS enables Active911 to run in the background so it can track you and show you on the map for others even when the app is back grounded. 

    The new Off Duty Available option is to allow you to mark yourself off duty, but still get alerts if they are within 5 miles of your current location. This was requested for members who want to be made aware of their surroundings and also enable them to respond, if possible. The Automatic duty setting should show or be marked if you are set to a specific work shift set up by an admin on the account. 
  • Does anyone know how to delete chats on the Android phones?
  • Zxcv1234,

    In order to have chat messages deleted currently, you would need to contact support and let them know if there is a specific message you want removed or if you want the chat cleared for the entire account.  There is a plan to make this available for members to do themselves in the future.