Responding on flip-phone
  • One of our Volunteers has a flip phone and gets the alerts. We are trying to figure out how he can mark his response status from the phone? Those of us with smartphones can just tap the status, he does not want a smartphone. Is he out of luck??
  • The alerts come in to the flip phone as a text message. 
    Just text back (R) for responding or (U) for Unavailable or whatever your responses are. 

  • So if we have "Station ###" for a response, he has to text all that?
  • GhostRider,

    Have him text a ? back to an alert that he got and it will give him a list of options that he can text back. Depending on what all of the response buttons you have will be what he texts back. For example if your response buttons are Available, Unavailable, Station ###, Cancel and Clear. The options would be A, U, S, Ca, and Cl. The question mark will let him know what to text back.

    Also here's the wiki page about it: