Deleting "clear all alerts" not clearing all alerts
  • So I receive alerts form my department and neighboring departments for situational awareness/automatic aid.  There are days where there are a bunch of alerts that push through.  I'll go in and start deleting old calls and it keeps showing up again.  I'll push the "clear all alerts" tab for each agency but more than half the time, when I go back to the first screen, there are multiple alerts reloading.  Some of these alerts have been deleted multiple times.  This is true on my personal phone as well as the apparatus phones.  I would like a way to delete old alerts easier.  (All phones are running iOS)
  • Wade W.,

    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application yet to see if this fixes the issue? What type of iPhones are they? Are they all updated to iOS 11.2.6?