Waze maps
  • Is it possible to have a Waze maps option instead of Google or Apple maps? our county is growing so fast that we have found the Waze maps to be more accurate and updated more frequently.
  • That'd be awesome! Waze is a far more up to date map.
  • This would be great!
  • Charles W.,

    There isn't at this time a way to incorporate Waze maps instead of Google or Apple. However, if your GIS department (might be on a county level) has address data points, then you can send that file to us and we can upload it for your department. That would override Google maps.

    Also Charles, W., Wade W., and Avi E., I recommend voting for the Waze mapping idea in our idea portal: https://ideas.active911.com/ideas/PL-I-3524
  • I think that some of us meant in the "external links" "open navigation" at the bottom of a call in the app
  • When I click the link I get a log in screen that will not go anywhere

  • Waze would be a great option for highway calls I go to Waze first to see user data to where the accident truly is vs dispatch info.
  • Charles W., have you logged into our website before? If you haven't, let me know what your agency is and I can check to see if you are on there as a user. You have to be a user to be able to log into the idea portal.
  • Waze would be a HUGE improvement over Google and other options.
  • Moxxen, 

    There is a link at the bottom of my March 9th post. Click on that and you can vote for the Waze mapping idea. When you do that, you will get updates as our product manager makes changes to the idea. Thanks!
  • I use Waze for most of my navigation. However, you have to be careful with it in some cases. If you are in a more rural area where properties are larger, it may have problems getting you to the door. Whenever I use it to navigate home, even though it has my street address correct, it insists on taking me to the highway that runs close to my property. Unfortunately, that location is not close to my house and is on the other side of a stream and another property. Google Maps always takes me to my house.