Filter Hydrant Notification
  • I'm having difficulties filtering out Hydrant Notifications, When i use ^((?!HYDRANT).)*$ All calls get filtered. I just want the hydrant ones to be. Any suggestions?
  • NBVFD A. ,

    The filter you were entering is correct, however the filters only apply to alerts that are received from dispatch. It appears that the HYDRANT calls on your account are being created on the website. If this is planned to continue, you could create a separate group to send those alerts to that members who want to receive them can join. If you would like to discuss this further, please call or email support. 
  • The Hydrant alerts are coming from Dispatch, The web ones were me repaging testing the filter. Also, I did use the contact form for support (it was the only place i could find to contact you) and no one got back to me, I did that the same day i posted this.
  • NBVFD A. ,

    I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have been working on this issue and an trying another filter since the one we originally suggested did not work. I think the following filter will work: ^(?!.*(HYDRANT)).*

    I am testing this on your account now. I will email you again once I confirm that it works so that you do not miss any more alerts. 
  • NBVFD A. ,

    I finally tried the filter: ^((?!HYDRANT).)*  and it worked! I have assigned it to your device so you will not get Hydrant alerts in the future.