ChromeStick, now PC
  • We had a lot of trouble running the Webview on a Chrome Stick.  It would constantly disconnect.  Reboot, work again and then over and over.  It wouldn't loose network connectivity, but just memory leak and crash the web session.  Replaced with a USFF Dell OptiPlex running Windows 10 Pro I bought on Ebay for under $200.  Combined that with Kioware to lock down the "Kiosk" and not allow people to exit the session.  Works excellent, no complaints, has not disconnected even once. 

    Would consider the PC version, but we show our neighboring agency to keep tabs on the calls they are on.  PC version doesn't do multiple agencies.

  • Grant N.,

    I am happy to hear that you got Webview up and running. It is good to know that a  USFF Dell OptiPlex works well with Active911. 

    As for the multiple agency view on the PC app, there is a request for that in our system. You can view, vote and comment on it here:

    It is likely to be implemented, but has not been scheduled. Please share this with others. The more votes, the faster it will be considered.
  • We are having the same problem with an Asus Chromebit, have to refresh every few days as the map will disappear but the call will show on the screen.  
  • cmjones-

    Have you tried another type of Chromestick or computer? Also, are you using a supported browser such as Google Chrome, FireFox 18 or newer, or Internet Explorer 9 or newer?

    I would also check our wiki site for more troubleshooting,

    Please let Support know if you need more assistance,
  • We recently bought a “Stick PC” off of Amazon for $127. It comes loaded with Windows 10 and plugs directly into an HDMI port and has built in wireless. We are using the Active911 desktop app that and it’s been working great.
  • What "Stick PC" are you using?  I would like to try something similar.