Any way to totally silence app?
  • Is there any way to totally silence the app including vibrating without putting yourself off duty. I have on the "silent" ringtone but the app still alerts by vibrating; including all night. I'd like to continue to receive notifications while off duty without being awakened. Also, while on duty my I5 alerts for every other rigs calls in addition to mine. Maybe I'm missing something.....
  • You need to turn off vibrate through the device settings on your phone. This will allow the alarms to still come through but not vibrate.

    Your phone goes off for other rigs because that is how your account admin has it set up. If you wish to only receive calls for certain rigs, your admin needs to set up the pagegroup features.
    Active911, Inc
  • Thanks Tyler. I had to got to SETTINGS, NOTIFICATIONS, and then turn off SOUNDS for Active 911. I still get notifications of calls on my phone without vibrations.
  • That too! Thanks fireaxxe!
    Active911, Inc